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Clearwater Pool & Spa: Maintenance and Repairs for Vancouver

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Relax in a clean and safe hot tub or pool all season long at the best rates in the Vancouver region. Rest assured your water quality will meet health standards for residential and commercial pools. You can depend on Clearwater Pool & Spa for affordable weekly maintenance that meets the accurate quote we give you for complete services that include:

• Checking Your Pool’s Water Chemistry

• Adjusting and Adding Chemicals

• Vacuuming and Power Washing

• Maintaining Equipment and Filters

Repairs that Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Catch mechanical and water-quality problems before you have to spend more than necessary on pool or spa repairs. Clearwater Pool & Spa checks your equipment and structures with our weekly maintenance, and our knowledgeable professionals immediately inform you of any irregularities that need attention. And we keep our residential and commercial clients’ business with good maintenance, making only repairs that you need. Plus, we supply the necessary parts. Clearwater Pool & Spa gives you accurate estimates and expert repairs concerning:

• Jets

• Pumps and Filters

• Heaters

• Leaks and Cracks

• Recurring Algae and Staining

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