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Phone: 604-250-1161


Hours:  Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM, Saturday 8AM-4PM

Clearwater Pool & Spa: Maintenance and Repairs for Vancouver

Swim and soak in clear and healthy water all season long without worry. Clearwater Pool & Spa maintains your pool, spa or hot tub at the best rates available in the Vancouver region. A maintenance and repair company, Clearwater Pool & Spa knows how much enjoyment and work a family pool means. Let Clearwater Pool & Spa help you maintain your pool and budget. Ask about our services, including:


• Weekly Maintenance

• Water Chemistry Checks

• Chemical Supplies and Adjustments

• Mechanical Repairs, Parts and Inspections

• Power Washing and Cleaning


On Time and On Budget for Residential and Commercial Clients

Always depend on Clearwater Pool & Spa for accurate estimates of regular maintenance and repairs from a knowledgeable staff. Don’t worry about algae, bacteria or viruses in your water when Clearwater Pool & Spa provides water quality testing and chemical supplies. Mostly a residential business, Clearwater Pool & Spa serves commercial clients in the Vancouver region too. Contact us for more information for your residential and business needs.

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